You have seen the job you want advertised recently but your CV was last updated years ago and you don't know where to start when updating it? follow these tips below to ensure you get noticed. 

Step 1: Make an instant impression! 

Most positions have a high volume of applications and so to ensure your CV stands out from the rest, consider the following questions: 
Do you want to use an unconventional layout that will make your CV more visible? 
Or are you applying to a more traditional company where a modern looking CV could be a big no no? 
Would it be more effective to reduce the number of items on your CV to make the most important points stand out clearly? 
How can you rearrange the items so that the most important parts are easily seen by the reader? 

Step 2: Show yourself as a problem-solver 

Each vacant position is actually a problem for the company. They have a need, and they are looking for the best person to place in that role. The details of the vacancy are clear in the job advertisement, so you should study it and try to present yourself as the answer to this particular problem. 
For example, you see an advertisement for a Customer Service Advisor in a busy telesales company. 
How can you demonstrate your ability and experience delivering exceptional customer service? 
Present clear examples of your experience within a face-paced environment and your ability to perform under pressure. 

Step 3: Highlight key information 

Make sure that the key information is as noticeable as possible. What specific skills, experiences and capabilities do you think are going to be most appealing to people reading your CV? Draw attention to this key information, this could be by: 
Paragraphing and separating it out from large blocks of text 
Highlighting in bold 
adding relevant information to the top of your CV 

Step 4: Research the company 

You should make sure that your CV reflects the type of company that you are applying for, visit their website and look at the companies values and mission statement and consider the personalities required to do the role, bring this into your CV. Look at adding a few lines in the top paragraph including the following information: 
the company’s current projects 
why you want to work at that company 
what relevant experience you have had in similar companies, environments, or roles 
This will show that you really understand the company and their needs. 

Step 5 – Prepare a new CV for each job 

It is important you do not just create a generic CV and then send it out to every job. Companies want to see that you have taken the time to get to know the position you are applying for and given your application some thought. Include language which relates specifically to the job description; perhaps include some industry buzz words. Remember, you do not get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression! 
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Good Luck with your applications! 
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