Benefits of using Recruit 2 You 
Temporary Recruitment 
Unhappy with your current service provider? 
Have you heard the horror stories? 
Do you refuse to work with a recruitment agency? 
Unfortunately, there is not magical formula to find the correct candidate every time. However, we listen to what you require as a client to get the best understanding of your business to make everything run as smoothly as possible. 
A Personal Service 
• We meet with all of our clients to get a better understanding of your business and relate that back to our workers (NO first shift surprises) 
• For larger contracts we implement a Super Worker who will help organise staff from the ground floor I.E. check ins and check backs 
• We want to be able to service our clients to the best of our ability with regular meetings, staff walk round and inductions. To do this we need to be on doorstep we would not travel anywhere we would not expect our candidates to. 
Face to face interviews 
All of the candidates that we put out to work for our temp or temp to perm assignments have been to our office to have a face to face interview. Their right to work documents have been checked and photocopied by one of our consultants, the candidate is also required to undertake a basic literacy and numeracy assessment to comply with standard health and safety requirements. 
Save time 
Hiring temporary staff is a great option for many businesses. If a member of staff has departed suddenly, or you simply have not had enough time to find a replacement, then hiring a temp can make this transition easier. An interim, temp, or contractor can minimise the loss of productivity during a transition stage 
Temporary staff offer a great deal of flexibility because you can get a worker to cover specific periods during business hours. This might turn out to be a better or a more cost-effective option depending on the exact needs of your company. 
Less Risky 
You may have a career-focused temp that is eager to switch over to a permanent role. Those that do want permanent work, are often after willing to work extra hard to prove themselves an asset, you’ll also have the added benefit of seeing them work at close quarters, to better inform your decision. 
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