1. Proven solutions to business needs 
More so in high turnover industries, employers need to continually scan the business landscape for the best candidates as well as fill skill shortages. Having a strategic relationship with a recruitment agency can provide a consistent stream of quality, qualified candidates in a timely manner based on the (long and short term) needs of the business. People are one of (if not) the most important resource in business, so developing strategic partnerships and solutions around it is key. 
2. Fast access to quality qualified candidates 
When there are skill shortages within a business, it can mean delayed timelines and projects and ultimately, potentially lost business. Quality recruitment agencies provide a stable source of quality qualified candidates in a timely manner, significantly speeding up the hiring process allowing business leaders to prioritise other key strategic areas of the business. 
3. Market knowledge 
By developing long term, strategic partnership with agencies, leaders can utilise the knowledge and expertise their partners have. Sourcing on a daily basis, recruiters are UpToDate on key market trends including skill supply and demand as well as market rates, empowering business leaders to develop business leaders to develop more informed business strategy around their human capital. By developing long term partnerships, it also conductive of best practice and transparent work from a client’s recruitment partner. 
4. Cost 
Many companies will be unaware solely managing recruitment internally can limit their ability to recruit quality talent and can be more costly. While recruiting internally is an important channel as well as time and resource that can be allocated elsewhere in the business are key reasons why firms partner a recruitment agency. This can be particularly important when looking to consistently fill temporary skill sets or support 1 or 2 specific hires. 
5. Access to key in demand skills 
Finding candidates with strategic or niche skillsets will often be a timely and difficult process. With talent shortages potentially restricting business growth, it is important businesses have access to skills required as fast as possible. Partnering a company with a proven track record for strategic and/or niche talent placement is an important step in combating this growing business challenge 
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