As a staffing agency, we at Recruit 2 You are often the subject of common misconceptions. Since 2008, the number of recruitment agencies operating in the UK has grown on average 27% per year. The rise of recruitment means that more and more candidates will have to use agencies to find suitable roles in their area, but plenty of people still have reservations towards said agencies. This blog has been written with the intent to discredit any common misapprehensions about working through a recruitment agency. 
The most common fallacy is that an agency will take a percentage of a worker’s wage from them and keep it for themselves. This is entirely false. While agencies do take a cut for each successful placement, this is taken directly from the employer, and is a pre-determined margin. It does not and will not affect an employee’s salary. If you are a candidate being placed by an agency, you will be paid the salary you have agreed to, without any added fees. 
Another myth is that the job vacancies that agencies supply for are entry-level, temporary or hard-to-fill non enjoyable roles. Just speaking for Recruit 2 You, we have a plethora of differing job roles, both temporary and permanent, with plenty of exciting, skilled roles and promising opportunities. Recruitment agencies supply for a multitude of roles, both skilled and unskilled, thus rendering the myth untrue. 
Two more common misconceptions relate to our duty of care to our candidates. “Agencies don’t care what job role suits you, they’ll give you anything.” “Agencies don’t care about you once they’ve placed you in a job.” Both statements couldn’t be further from the truth. We identify every worker’s best qualities and place them in a role that maximises their individual talents. Even when you are in work, we stay in touch regularly, and visit worksites often. 
A final myth to touch on is the argument of “Agencies only want you to sign up with them, they don’t care if they find you work or not.” An agency doesn’t get anything out of somebody just registering with them. There is no financial gain whatsoever, and if the candidate pool was filled up for the sake of it, then all it would do is make it more difficult to find genuine candidates that are actively searching for a role, as they might get lost in the crowd. 
These are just a few misunderstandings that some people seem to have about working through a recruitment agency. Hopefully, this blog may have answered some questions and debunked any misapprehensions. If you or someone you know are searching for a new role, we may be able to help! Contact Recruit 2 You on 01773 252222 or 
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