“It costs to register with a recruitment agency” 
This is not true! It has made us all feel annoyed that people believe this myth, it does not cost to join a recruitment agency and we are here to help you through the process of finding a job, we are here to give you advice, to help you with your CV, we are here to have a general chat if you are feeling low, we are here to try and find you your dream job! As you can appreciate, our industry is highly competitive and such we are committed to adhering to honesty and respect to ensure we can offer you the very best service possible. 
We do not charge anyone to sign up with us, once you have registered with us we will then be able to keep you informed if anything become available that we believe will be suitable for you. We do have strict procedures in place to ensure all candidates are interviewed face to face or via video call, suitability checked and tested with a referenced obtained. We do not want people to think that it will cost you to register with us because this may scare people away and at Recruit 2 You we want to find people the right job for them, so please do not feel that we are going to charge you for signing up with us. 
"Recruiters only care about money" 
Whilst recruiters work towards targets and incentive's, there is a huge difference from recruiter to recruiter but in my experience most are driven by the success of placing a candidate into their dream job, it makes me happy as a recruiter that I have been able to put a smile on a candidates face by placing them in a new role, especially in these tough times ☹ I have a big heart and I love to help people this is why I chose to start my recruitment career 5 months ago and I have enjoyed every minute, as I have been able to have some positive conversations with candidates. 
“Recruiters are lazy - they just read CVs and send them to employers” 
We understand that not everyone in the recruitment industry is reputable and reliable, however this is not real recruitment, and those people are not real recruiters. At Recruit 2 You we will be able to save you time and money, we have a long process that we must get through when looking for the right candidate and reading CVS are part of it…. However, we also do a lot more than just reading CVS such as we will video screen our candidates so they can take us through our cv, we can ask about what they do in their day to day duties, thing they like to do in their spare time. This gives us a real idea of the face behind the cv , we will then ask the candidate if they do not mind us recording the video so we can send it off to our client so they get to see what the candidate is interested in and to see that their experience is. We will then make sure we keep in touch with the candidate and tell them their interview date if they are successful and will carry on to keep in touch with them all the way until they start there job ! we also do like to have a catch up with our candidates a few weeks after starting their job so we understand ow thy are getting on. 
Here at Recruit 2 You we will spend time looking for candidates who fit the clients brief and this can save a lot of time for our clients as we understand that they have a lot of day to day duties to complete and it can be very time consuming, this is why people use recruitment agencies so we can get the best candidates ! 
By Brooke Dennis 
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