Arriving on time and presenting yourself in the correct way, will instantly set you apart from other candidates and will give you a head start but there are also other tips to consider; 
• SMILE, even though you may be terrified you do not want the interviewer to see that 
• Prepare your outfit the night before as this will prevent stress in the morning and allow you to focus on preparing important information for the interview 
• Make sure your hair is neat and nicely groomed, trying to refrain from wearing too much product or extravagant hair accessories 
• Always ensure you have taken time over your personal hygiene in the morning, ensuring your teeth are clean and you are smelling fresh 
• Make sure your outfit represent the type of role you are going for, obviously you will need to wear something smart and professional but for example, if you were going for a role within the fashion industry it would be a good idea to look up the latest trends and tailor your look to that, as it would show awareness of the industry 
• Ensure you are fully prepared for the interview by carrying out research on your potential employer 
• Take note prompts to assist you to remember important points you want to get across about your self 
• Turn a negative question into a positive, for example “what are your weaknesses” you could turn it into a positive response by saying “I feel sometimes I am overly organised and pay too much attention to detail” 
• Try and keep positive body language, so no folding of arms or sitting facing away from the interview 
• Do not turn up late, this will set a bad example to the interviewer and they will not appreciate waiting, as they invited you 
• Refrain from using slang work such as ‘mate’ as you will not know the interviewer at a personal level 
• If you haven’t heard or understand a question the interviewer has asked you, don’t pretend you have and try and answer it with a question that might be right, as it will make them think you weren’t listening or you don’t have a good understanding, just simply ask them to politely repeat it 
• Do not assume that if an employer says “lets meet for informal chat” that they will be wearing informal clothing, always dress smartly to meet any potential employer 
• Do not wear inappropriate revealing clothing or scruffy attire 
• Try to keep makeup to a subtle amount, unless applying for a makeup industry related role 
• Do not interrupt or try and finish the interviewees sentence 
• Refrain from looking at your watch or clocks in the room, as this may look like you are uninterested. 
Interviews can be nerving for even the most experienced and so try to be calm and relaxed and try to be yourself! 
If you are attending an interview, Good luck!  
If you are considering a new role or career change, contact us to see if we can help get you prepared, our consultants have the skills and experience to ensure you are interview ready for your perfect role! 
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