Is it time for the hiring process to change? Research taken by The Open University’s annual Business Barometer revealed that in 2021, 63% of organisation leaders are struggling with recruitment as candidates lack specialist skills, and that the skills shortage has worsened over the past year. With skilled workers becoming more of a scarcity, perhaps it’s time to look at methods to ensure that they join your business rather than another. The shift has changed from the recruiter choosing the candidate; now, the candidate choosing the recruiter is equally, if not more critical. 
A skilled candidate could receive a plethora of job opportunities, so as an employer, you must make an effort to stand out to the candidate, just as much as they will endeavour to impress you. This could include ensuring your hiring and interviewing process, your company’s culture, salaries, benefits and learning opportunities are all laid on the table effectively with a genuine, considerate approach. Be honest and portray your business in the best possible way to the candidate. Give authentic answers when quizzed on management style, business philosophy and more. 
Importantly, if a business is looking to hire quality talent, they must demonstrate a faster approach, reducing steps in the hiring process, and when applicable, offer certain pull factors that other businesses might not be able to offer, such as flexibility. Make an effort to understand what the candidate is after; gone are the days that simply a salary and an office desk will suffice! Your offer should be more intricate and unique to the candidate. If you have interviewed a candidate that you feel would be a great addition to your team, the chances are that other business managers have thought the same about this individual, so what are you going to do to ensure they come to you? 
Some companies might be slow to this shift in recruiting with some old-fashioned thoughts of ‘Why should we chase an individual? They should be grateful to work here.’ So as a business owner/manager, you need to make certain that you are ahead of the curve. Alter how you perceive the power dynamic in recruitment, and you’ll likely attain not only a better workforce, but also a much happier one. 
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