Why Temporary Recruitment can be beneficial to both the Employer & the Employee. 
For the Employer: 
Using temporary recruitment allows you to add staff without increasing your permanent headcount and costs. Hiring multiple temps can help in covering spikes in demand, but without the long-term commitment of keeping people on the books when the workload decreases. This facilitates your company to control the costs. 
Temporary recruitment allows you to ensure that an individual is the right fit for your company. Essentially, you can try before you buy, rather than handing somebody a permanent position that ends up being unsuitable for the job role. Relating to this, one third of managers started out as temporary staff; Your new temp could become a critical part of your team, and offer fresh skills and values, as well as possibly bringing in helpful ideas from their past job roles in similar companies to your own. 
Another positive is that the process of temp recruitment is fast and easy. Whether you are looking to alter a function of your business, or you are taking on a big project, hiring temporary staff is a great method for scaling up your workforce at short notice. Also, temps can start work essentially right away, avoiding interview procedures and long notice periods. 
For the Employee: 
Gaining employment in a temporary position can reap many rewards. It is a means to gain needed experience or learn new skills in areas where you may be lacking. This can be very useful if you are desiring a change in direction in your career or wish to shift to a different industry. Because of this, a temporary position can also serve as a step in a new direction. 
A similar advantage for both Employee’s and Employer’s is the fast-hiring process. Because the company hiring will need the staff as soon as possible, you will not need to be waiting around for the ‘go-ahead’; You will go straight into the job role. Typically, temporary work offers more flexibility than permanent work, and a more easily maintained work/life balance than those in full time employment. 
Temporary positions can help fill gaps in your CV, between jobs. It shows Employers that you are taking your career seriously, keeping your skills sharp and staying connected to your industry. It will also improve your CV, as it shows a willingness to learn, adapt and undertake new challenges. 
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