“A good strong CV is a vital part within the hiring process” 
With the current climate of the job market having such a huge competition out there, a good strong CV is a vital part within the hiring process. Recruit 2 You are not only here to help you secure a job role, but we are also here to help you structure your CV to get it noticed by companies. 
Start by Introducing Yourself 
You should always begin your CV by introducing yourself and summarising your career highlights within the first paragraph. Do not list your accomplishments / experiences at the very beginning, try to tailor the introduction to the requirements of the company’s job you wish to apply for. This ideally should be rather short to touch on some of the most important information. 
Education Matters 
Any education you have done should be mentioned including school and university in which you have learned from it. Talking about your educational background can also go on to talking about relevant training and courses you have done. You could mention extracurricular activities to make your CV stand out. 
Make Your Skills Easy to Read 
You should only mention relevant skills that will help the company you apply for. This could mean summarising your skills by using bullet points or lists, as it can make it simpler to read. Nobody likes an excessively long CV. 
Experience Is Important 
Your work experience is the most important, so you should include your work history, both paid and unpaid. As an employer, we can always research your job history – so it is important not to lie about your past jobs. It is also ideal to tailor this section by listing relevant experience and describing each job you had in some detail. 
Hype Your Achievements 
Relevant achievements are also a good way to get noticed, such as personal projects and contests you won. You can focus on the skills you used for each of your accomplishments. 
To get your CV noticed by companies, you should pay attention to the way you structure your CV. Following these tips will help you in the long run. If you are requiring anymore additional tips and pointers, you can email us on admin@recruit2you.co.uk. We are here to help finding you a job or preparing your CV. 
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