Today is International Women’s Day; a day dedicated to the celebration of women and their achievements, and a platform to raise awareness about gender equality. As the IWD website declares, ‘International Women’s Day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy, and action. International Women’s Day has been occurring for well over a century – and continues to grow from strength to strength’. 
At Recruit 2 You, we are a workforce mostly made up of women, so this day holds a lot of significance in our office. Anita Jackson, Recruit 2 You’s Managing Director, praised International Women’s Day, stating, ‘It is great to be part of a celebration of successful women. I am proud to be a female business leader and I am hugely supportive of other women in leadership roles.’ 
There is no doubt that society has come a long way in the last 100 years in regard to equal opportunity, but there is still a lot of work to do before we come near accomplishing equality. According to the latest statistics, only 8% of company chief executives in the UK are women. That is just one of an endless number of statistics that, regardless of your gender, we cannot ignore. This is why International Women’s Day is still necessary and so culturally crucial, over 100 years after its initial inauguration. 
I spoke to Recruit 2 You’s Business Manager Jenna Bates who spoke passionately about International Women’s Day. When asked ‘What does International Women’s Day mean to you, as a female Business Manager?’, Jenna replied, ‘It reflects on how far women have come in addressing all inequalities that we face daily. It allows us to celebrate the achievements of all women globally.’ 
Each year, International Women’s Day follows a new theme. This year, the theme is ‘#BreakTheBias’ which concentrates on fighting for a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination, aiming instead for a world where difference is valued and celebrated. With this theme in mind, Jenna was asked the question ‘What do you believe can be done to address gender stereotypes, particularly in the workplace?’. Jenna proposed that ‘As a collective, everybody should develop empathy and compassion for others around us. At Recruit 2 You, we promote that equality and diversity is important to us, and a huge factor in our working environment.’ 
An important question asked every year when International Women’s Day comes round is ‘What can men do to help achieve equality?’. According to Jenna, ‘It would be beneficial if men showed solidarity and raised awareness of inequality. I believe men should aim to listen to women’s perspectives and use their platform to emphasise the importance of equality and fairness.’ The campaign for a diverse and inclusive world is one that requires both men and women to do all they can to #BreakTheBias. 
To support International Women’s Day or to learn more about the cause, please visit Happy International Women’s Day! 
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